Help & FAQ

Need help? Check the FAQ below. You are always welcome to contact our office if you need assistance, however be aware our office hours are limited.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the term dates?

105 Feb 202428 Mar 2024
215 Apr 202428 Jun 2024
315 Jul 202420 Sep 2024
407 Oct 202429 Nov 2024

How and when can I join?

You may join any time. Find full instructions and FAQ on the Join Us page.

If you are interested in year-long courses, the best time to join is in early November, when enrolments open for the following year. Some popular classes fill up very quickly. However, there are many social events, “Let’s Do” activities, forums, webinars and new short courses which you can join in throughout the year. Year-long courses which still have vacancies will often accept late enrolments.

What is the membership period?

Membership runs for the calendar year. If you join any time after enrolments open the previous year (usually in October), you will receive free membership for the rest of the year, as well as being registered for the next calendar year.

How and when can I renew?

If your membership has already expired, you may renew it at any time during the year. If you wish to renew your membership for next year, you can do so any time from mid-October. Find instructions on the Renewals page.

How and when can I enrol in classes?

You may enrol in classes any time. However, the best time is in mid-November, when enrolments open for the following year’s courses. Some popular classes fill up very quickly. Find full instructions and FAQ here.

How do I use the online system?

Download detailed instructions here

I can’t use the online system, how do I join/renew/enrol?

If you are unable to use the online system, you can visit or telephone the office during opening hours and an office volunteer will assist you. If the office is unattended, leave a voicemail message and a volunteer will call you back. View contact details and map here.

I’ve forgotten my member ID or password…what do I do?

Click on the “forgot password/id” button and on the next screen, enter your email address. An email will be sent to you with your password. Please check your Spam/Junk folder if you do not see it

How do I know what’s on this week for my class or group, and where it’s being held?

Visit this page of the MyU3A portal to see what’s scheduled this week and where it’s being held.

If there are changes to the usual schedule or venue, your course tutor will email you to let you know. For Let’s Do Groups, the group leader will email you with details of upcoming events and any changes that occur.

If you are not receiving messages, please check that your email address is up to date on MyU3A, and check the spam/junk folder in your email.

I booked for a group or class activity and I can’t go, can I get a refund?

If you have booked for an outside event such as a concert, gallery visit or lunch, then U3A Melbourne has paid that fee to the outside venue on your behalf, and it is not possible to obtain a refund. See our Refund Policy.