About Us

U3A Melbourne City is the oldest U3A in Australia, established in 1984. Our activities are centred around the Melbourne CBD, although some members travel in from the outer suburbs.

We are a self-funded, voluntary organisation formed to provide learning and social opportunities to members aged 50+ who are retired or working part-time. A committee of management is elected annually and all administration and tutoring is by volunteers. We ask everyone to help where they can, be it tutoring, administration or event organisation.

* VCAT has exempted U3A Melbourne City from the age discrimination section of the Equal Opportunity Act 2010.


U3A Melbourne City is run by its members, for its members. Governance is undertaken by the Committee of Management, supported by volunteers. Current governance documents (such as the annual report, AGM minutes and organisation policies) are available online in our Document Library.

Committee of Management

In accordance with our Rules of Association, the Committee comprises ten positions, of which four are office bearers (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer), filled by nominees elected at the AGM each November. Additional nominees may then be co-opted if the committee agrees they are likely to make worthwhile contributions to the management of U3A Melbourne City.

The Committee of Management meets monthly. It is supported by working parties that focus on key strategies, particularly in the areas of promotion, accommodation, funding and tutors.

Strategic Plan

In order to ensure the viability and sustainability of U3A Melbourne City, we engage in a strategic planning process every three years. The plan is overseen by the Committee of Management and is implemented through the work of a number of working parties.

The Committee of Management has agreed a number of strategic priorities for 2021-2023:

  • Maintain a viable membership​
  • Build a strong brand identity​
  • Recruit and retain a skilled cohort of Tutors​
  • Recruit and retain Volunteers with desired skill sets​
  • Build strategic partnerships/relationships
  • Establish a new Member Centre “Heart”
  • Financial sustainability

Rules of Association

During 2013, the Committee of Management reviewed and amended its Rules of Association in order to comply with the new Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012. The rules prescribe such matters as application for membership, categories of membership, subscriptions, resignation and expulsion of members, disputes and mediation, committee of management, annual and general special meetings, and elections.

The new rules were approved by Consumer Affairs Victoria, effective from 10 January 2014, and a revision to the rules of committee membership made in 2015. A copy is available in our Document Library.

Committee Members

PresidentRussell Huntington
Vice-PresidentAnn Johns
SecretaryJane Tulloch
TreasurerPauline Lomas
MemberJulienne Wight
MemberKai Simpson
MemberMerilyn Harris
MemberPaul Wilkinson
MemberPeter Chung
MemberPeter Lawson
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Supporters & Life Members

Many U3A members and friends have made special contributions to the life and work of U3A Melbourne City since its establishment in 1985.


  • The Council of Adult Education, which provided an institutional home from 1985 to 2001.
  • RMIT University, which provided an institutional home from 2002 to 2005.
  • Anni Cleary, who built and maintained our first website for ten years on a volunteer basis.
  • The office of Adam Bandt MP, Federal Member for Melbourne, for supporting the production of our newsletter in the past.
  • The CPSU for their sponsorship and generous support of U3A Melbourne City, including access to rooms at the CPSU building.

We are also grateful for the support of the following organisations:

  • City of Melbourne
  • Victorian State Government, Department of Health and Human Services
  • Learn Local
  • U3A Network Victoria
  • Ross House Association
  • The Florey Institute
  • Microsoft
  • Commonwealth Department of Social Services

Life Members

Honorary Life Membership is the highest honour that U3A Melbourne City bestows upon a member for service to the organisation. The criteria for life membership are:

  • The member has been a financial member contributing over a total of ten years, not necessarily continuously
  • The member be classified as core
  • Their contribution be deemed to be critical and/or outstanding
  • The nominee must be proposed by two members or the President

To nominate someone for Honorary Life Membership, please complete the nomination form and submit it to the U3A Melbourne City Secretary.

Current Life Members
John BesleyPresident, Committee, Tutor2009
Marguerite GrynbergTutor2011
Will SemlerTutor2011
Margaret LedleyTutor2011
Ann HewettTutor2011
George BoagCommittee, Tutor2012
Blair CramerTutor2012
Judy EldredTutor2012
Christina HillTutor2012
Juliette ZeelanderTutor2013
Dorothy DavisTutor2013
Alma KristensenTutor2014
Betty CaldwellTutor2015
Hilary AdairTutor2016
Helena LingOffice, Committee2016
Peter SalmonTutor, Committee2016
Jill ThompsonTutor, President, Founding member2016
John WaldieTutor2017
Rom JagielskiTutor2017
Julie NankervisCourse Coordinator, Committee2018
Rhonda FavaloroTutor, Committee2018
Fran SciarrettaOffice, Committee2018
Jack FoksTutor, Committee2020
Tony MilesCommittee, Promotions WG2020
Margaret ReesCommittee, Office, Tutor2020
Former Life Members
Nan Wingfield  President, Committee, Office Manager2006
John Cramp  Tutor2007
Marie Einoder  Tutor2007
Lillian Emmanuel Tutor2008
Alan Liubinas Treasurer, Committee2008
Margaret Shilton Tutor2008
Joyce Bromage Committee, Secretary, Office2008
Eva Meredith  Tutor, Committee, Office, Room Bookings2009
Ailsa Miles Committee, Secretary, Office2009
Val Pincus Committee, Social Secretary, Office, Group Leader2010
Shirley Mason Social Coordinator, Committee, Office2020