Summer School 2021

A Virtual Vacation

January 18th – 29th 2021

Treats from around the world delivered by sought-after professional guides as well as our own members. Enjoy recordings of our 2021 Summer School below.

Iceland Travel Diaries with Julie Nankervis

Way up in the North Atlantic astride two massive tectonic plates sits Iceland. A land of volcanoes and geysers

Polar Journeys: Tales from the Arctic and Antarctic Regions with Margaret Smith

What do the following have in common: Captain von Bellinghausen, Robert Falcon Scott, Roald Amundsen, Douglas Mawson, Richard E. Byrd, Vitus Bering and Knud Rasmussen?

Monarchs and Painters in an Emerging Spain with Dr Kathleen Olive

How did Madrid develop into one of the world’s pre-eminent art cities? Its Museo del Prado’s reputation is largely due to the collecting tastes of Spain’s 16th and 17th century monarchs.

Istanbul and Venice: From Byzantines to Bellinis with Dr Nick Gordon

Dr Nick Gordon looks at how Constantinople shaped Venice, and how medieval Venetian travellers and traders to Constantinople in turn help us understand contemporary Istanbul.

Working in Turkey 1973 and 2018: a Fascinating Contrast

Join Russell for two very different views of life in Turkey.

Aboriginal Art—Recording the Dreamtime with Rebecca Hossack

You will be transported to the Central and Western Deserts of Australia to share Rebecca's passion for Indigenous Art.

Striking it Rich: Melbourne’s 19th Century ‘Boom’ style Architecture  with Max Nankervis

This session will take you on a trip through the evolution of this flamboyant architectural style, and set it in the context of the economic boom following the Gold Rush of the 1850s.

A Tale of Three Cities

A look at the culture, food and history of Amiens, ancient capital of Picardy, Bayeux with its famous tapestry depicting the Norman Conquest of Britain, and Toulouse with its golden rooster, the iconic symbol of French rugby.

Japanese Gardens with Dr Kathleen Olive

Garden design in Japan is an important art form. Kathleen explains its fascinating evolution over the past 1000 years

Sri Lanka’s Golden Triangle with Sharon Carter

Sri Lanka’s cultural triangle is awash with UNESCO World Heritage sites.

My Italian Travel Diary with Anna Jardon

Alongside beautiful photographs of each place Anna shares her tips on independent travel.

Road Trip to Southern Africa

with Russell Huntington  (Russell is President of U3A Melbourne City) Four adventurous Aussies explore the west coast of South Africa, the Fish River Canyon of Namibia through the great Namib

Dickens on the Thames with Lyndsey Burton

Take a virtual boat ride and explore the river’s connections with the life and work of Charles Dickens.