Life Member: Margaret Smith

Awarded 2021

Margaret has been a dedicated volunteer and warm presence in many aspects of U3AMC life since 2009.


A valued office volunteer since 2009, Margaret has participated in all aspects of the office role, and proved a reliable and constant roster participant. Margaret has shown resilience in adapting to the various technological changes impacting on the nature of office work during this time.

Additionally, from 2013 Margaret assisted in the induction of new tutors regarding their administrative duties, drawing on her office knowledge and own experience as a tutor. In 2020 she took full responsibility for this Administration Induction.

Working Groups

Margaret moreover volunteered within the Course Coordination team providing secretarial and hands-on assistance to many Course Coordination activities till 2017.

Drawing on her librarian skills, Margaret was also a member of the Archive Project (2010 & 2011), ensuring that U3AMC’s important early history was captured.


Significantly, Margaret’s passion for literature and travel prompted her to try tutoring. Focusing on Asia and the Silk Roads, Margaret offered annual short courses on different travel writers and destinations (2015-2018). Experimenting with a monthly yearlong format in 2019, the current Around the World in 30 Days course covers different travel themes with active student input and enthusiasm. Supplementing this was Margaret’s 2021 Summer School presentation Polar Journeys: Tales from the Artic and Antarctic Regions.

Committee of Management

Consolidating her volunteer commitment, Margaret served on Committee of Management between 2016-2018 (Secretary 2018). This period covered considerable change, especially the move from Ross House to The Greek Centre, and work on our current Strategic Plan.

Based on her dedicated and enthusiastic contribution to so many aspects of U3A Melbourne City, Margaret was commended for and awarded Life Membership of U3AMC in 2021.