Past Webinars

Since 2020, our webinars have been recorded. Click “view” to access each recording.

You may also view webinars from our Summer Schools here

National Portrait Gallery – History in a Frame Webinar

We will be hosted by one of the NPG’s Access & Learning educators for a history program via Zoom.

Melbourne Connections Webinar presented by U3A Melbourne Derbyshire, UK

Learn more about Melbourne, Derbyshire and the connections with Melbourne, Victoria past and present from our U3A counterparts in Melbourne Derbyshire

Time to Shine – Restructure and Retire – by COTA

Retirement is often a time of great change and new possibilities. It can be both exciting and challenging for many reasons. What are the things we should consider?

Crypto Currency by Juan Solar

Bitcoin, Alt coins, Wallets, DeFI, NFTs, Web3...what does it all mean? Why is it important? Where do you start with this new asset class?

Justin Art House Museum – Naoshima Art Island

Join Charles and Leah Justin who have been collecting art for over 40 years. Through their house museum experience in Melbourne they share their collection

How to build a more compassionate world for refugees

Don't miss this opportunity to listen to Kon Karapanagiotidis, OAM, CEO and Founder of the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, discuss his ideas for welcoming refugees in Australia

Art in the Plague Years: The Black Death to Current Times

Join Sharon Carter on an art journey like no other, from the grim reaper of the Black Death to the street artists reflecting hope and solidarity during COVID-19

Thrive in Retirement

Patricia Howard, financial planner and author discusses a broad range of topics impacting the retirement plans of members. Her goal is to help retirees maximise their income while minimising risk throughout their retirement.

Archie 100

Celebrate the 100th anniversary of this much loved exhibition with Susie May, freelance writer and lecturer, educator, National Gallery of Victoria 2001-2020.

Elder Abuse

Presenter: Andrew Meilunas. Older Australians are more at risk of being taken advantage of financially. What most people don’t realise is that this is a form of elder abuse.

All You Should Know About Aged Care

Sandra Hills, CEO, Benetas will discuss what we mean by aged care. What services and supports are provided, and who is eligible? How do you access services? Who provides the services and who pays?

A Tale of Two Women Artists: The Struggles and Triumphs of Elizabeth Thompson and Clarice Beckett

Discover the remarkable achievements and connections between two pioneering artists living at opposite ends of the earth and in different centuries. Presenter: Susie May, freelance writer and lecturer, educator, National Gallery of Victoria 2001-2020

Understanding the final days and weeks of the Trump Presidency

Heather Lacey discusses and explains how Donald Trump's refusal to recognise Joe Biden's victory in the 2020 US presidential election inspired a failed insurrection on 6 January 2021, and its implications for the US political system

Aquatic Exercise for Fitness, Balance and Strength

Dr Sophie Heywood discusses research-based evidence on the benefits of aquatic exercise, especially for the management of arthritis.


Suelette Dreyfus, Academic Researcher, Melbourne University; former journalist and author "Underground" with Julian Assange about the early computer hacker and underground in Australia and overseas

The Genius of Picasso and Dali

Presenter: Susie May, freelance writer and lecturer, educator, National Gallery of Victoria 2001-2020

Dr Katie Allen, MHR

Is Dr Allen potentially Australia’s most unlikely politician?

Whisky Trails of Scotland

Presenter: Gregg Carter, a whisky aficionado with a taste for single malts as well as American and Japanese whisky