Life Member: Val Pincus

Awarded 2010

For her distinguished and sustained contribution to U3A Melbourne City across many volunteering roles, Val was commended and awarded Life Membership in 2010.

Since joining in 1996, Val played an important part in the life U3A, her achievements and contribution summarized under the following four headings:

Committee Membership

Valerie has been a member of the Committee of Management since 2000. Her attendance record has been commendable and she has always made a contribution to the business of the Committee, reporting on the social program on a regular basis.

Social Secretary

In 2001 Val joined the newly formed Social Committee and it wasn’t long before she was running the whole show. Since that time she has organized approximately 110 social events, including lunches for the forums and volunteers’ Christmas parties. This has involved a great deal of research and investigation, liaison with external organizations and caterers, coordination and administration.

Office Volunteer

In addition, she has also been a regular office volunteer for at least ten years, working as part of a team to deliver services to members.

Italian class

Val has also acted coordinator of the Advanced Italian class in the absence of the group leader.

Val has made a major contribution to the organization, almost single-handedly coordinating an important part of the organisation’s services and one which has been valued and brought pleasure to hundreds of members of the last ten years.