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Max Nankervis

Tutoring in Architectural Heritage Walks
Max has spent a large part of his working life in education, initially as a secondary teacher, but for many years in the tertiary sector. While he has degrees in Arts and Education, his main professional, academic background is in Town Planning (Master of Urban Planning). For many years he was a lecturer in Urban Studies and Town Planning, and more recently he has been engaged in private consultancies working on a variety of projects. 
Max has a variety of urban development interests including social housing issues, planning regulations and local government, but has a particular interest in the evolutionary process of urban development. This interest integrates skills and interests in history, architecture, planning and heritage/urban conservation issues. He has published various papers around these issues.
The program of urban walks offered will involve these interests and skills, and endeavours to enable participants to “see” their environment with new eyes and a new understanding. You may visit places you have been past many times, but have not known their subtle significance in the process of development of the city you live in, the effect on your life and the way you use the city.