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Ian Marchment

Tutor in:  Motivation and Ergonomics 

 Ian has recently retired from a sales and marketing background, having run his own business for 30 years.
The experience he has gained, from the recession we had to have in 1989/90 and a marriage that ended after 27 years, has seen him recover from the school of hard knocks and learn some valuable lessons along the way.
Some 8 years ago Ian saw a need for ergonomic solutions to address pain issues his clients were experiencing at their computer and formed a new company I.G. Ergonomics Solutions. Through a process of elimination, he found a wide range of solutions and designed products for people with a handicap to manufacture locally.  Ian then set up an audit programme for commercial businesses to become pro-active in OHS Ergonomics and reduce the number of workers compensation claims.
Ian is a current member of Toastmasters, has two grandchildren, keen bushwalker and  leader, plays golf, tennis and  skis at Thredbo.
In Ian’s world there are only CHALLENGES, never problems.