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Georgina Fitzpatrick

Tutoring in : History
Georgina has worked as a historian in one form or another since 1970, firstly in Australia, then in England (5 years) and finally in Ireland (20 years). She returned to Australia in 1999. Commissioned histories, a couple of exhibitions, two research degrees, history-teaching at secondary and tertiary levels  and, most recently, a research fellowship based at the Australian War Memorial and the Melbourne Law School have provided outlets for her passion for history. Her interest has been the social and political history (1914-50) of the country in which she happened to be living. In particular, she has explored the impact of the two World Wars.
Her interest in internment began in England in the 1970s when she discovered that several of the British political activists of the Right who featured in her Master’s thesis were interned in 1940 (and even more interestingly others were not). However, even to this day, MI5 has not released the relevant files. Fortunately, Australia’s policy on Australian internment files has been more open and enabled Georgina in 2009 to complete a Phd at ANU about 47 cases of Anglo-Celts interned in Australia in camps alongside those of enemy alien ethnicity. What she discovered were stories of some very colourful characters, interned usually for their dissident political views but sometimes as a means of social control.
Since returning to Melbourne in 2012, Georgina has found U3A a wonderful way to re-engage with the hometown she left in 1971. It is now time for her to give back to this fantastic organisation and share some of the lesser-known aspects of Australian wartime life she has discovered in the archives.