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Alma Kristensen

Alma Kristensen
Currently tutoring in: Yoga

Alma was born in Denmark and retired from a career in general and psychiatric nursing in 2004. She pursued an interest in Complementary Therapies, completing courses at the Australian College of Natural Medicine, Reiki courses, and in 2001 a Diploma of Health in Yoga at the Council of Adult Education, and a Certificate in Stillness Meditation from the School of Classical Yoga. Yoga has been an important part of Alma’s life since the early 1980s when she was inspired by her first yoga teacher, Shirley Rawson. Alma still remembers her teacher’s advice that “Yoga is not about learning to stand on your head, it is about learning to stand on your own two feet.” Alma’s approach to teaching yoga follows her teacher’s precepts that physical postures are just one part of Yoga, and that Yoga also addresses our mental, emotional and spiritual expressions. “She made us aware that Yoga is not just practiced on the mat, but is more like a way of life.” Alma also incorporates into her training breathing exercises, relaxation, meditation and other aspects of Yoga.
Alma’s study of stillness meditation and the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali further deepened her understanding of yoga.
There are many branches of Yoga and although Alma’s teaching is mainly classical Yoga, she has an eclectic approach because she finds that most branches have something valuable to offer.